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Drupal is an open-source platform and content management system for building dynamic websites offering a broad range of features in developing a variety of websites from personal or corporate websites to community portals (such as discussion forums and social networking websites) to complex web applications (such as e-commerce and intranet applications). The Drupal CMS enables web editors to easily publish and manage content appearing on the websites.

SparkPlug has a decent experience in building the websites in Drupal and some of the key features of using Drupal are

  • Ease-of-use and large selection of modules & themes
  • Excellent categorization of content through taxonomy system
  • Nice input filter system that lets you choose the format style (e.g. HTML or Textile) for each entry
  • Written in PHP, and we have the set of developers who are most efficient with that scripting language.

SparkPlug dedicated focus helps in offering seamless services and expertise to develop Drupal based web applications. Keeping Drupal as a base, we also develop custom modules that can be integrated with Drupal to provide customized solutions to individual clients. SparkPlug offers the following features as part of its Drupal expertise. Cost Effective: It is an open source application thus it is a more cost effective solution for the customers. Support Community: It has strong online support and developer community and enhancements and updates are available at regular intervals. Customizable: Its modular architecture which helps in adding new features/functionalities to develop custom solutions that meet individual requirements.

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