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Digital Media App. Development
Our Digital Media practice is a blend of high-end strategic business consulting, customized solutions and cost-effective delivery we help companies meet business challenges with a range of media-related services.

Our offerings include platform solutions, process solutions and customer-driven business solutions.

  • Digital Media Application Development
  • Multimedia Content & Rights Mgt
  • Digital Media Consulting
  • Digital Media - Encoding & Transcoding A/V
  • Digital Media post-production
  • Rich Media Services -  Music and Video Portals , Advertising Based Services, Pay Per Download , Advertising Based, On Demand, Streaming etc

Digital Signage

Sparkplug Media Digital Signage is an enterprise level digital signage solution that presents dynamic, targeted marketing and information campaigns at virtually any location it’s a simple & effective tailor system designed specifically to meet the growing needs of industry.

What is Digital Signage?

A new and unique medium that combines the power of mass media with the precision of niche marketing

  • Remotely controlled distribution and playback of digital content across networks of TV?like devices
  • Used for delivering visual messages and advertising content to individual displays and groups of displays

Digital Signage combines various media types on an output display, each in their own region, to create a multimedia message

Why Digital Signage?

Reach audience with the right information at the right time … and keep in touch

It is used to:

  • Inform
  • Promote
  • Influence
  • Interact

What kinds of customers are using digital signs?

  • Government offices
  • Financial institutions and banking industry branches
  • Gas stations
  • Houses of worship
  • Airports, bus & railway stations
  • Elevators & Housing Society
  • Hospitality and restaurant facilities
  • Retail stores and malls
  • Cinemas & theaters
  • Hospitals and medical offices
  • Corporate headquarters and remote offices
  • Educational institutions

What are they used for?

  • Product information / education
  • Product / service announcements
  • Advertising / promotions
  • Schedule / event information
  • Improving in-location experience
  • Employee Messaging
  • Training for staff
  • Welcome messaging
  • Menu boards
  • Visitor way finding
  • Information sharing
  • Meeting announcements
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Public health care information

Sparkplug Media's mission is to be a first of its kind community-based digital signage network being used every day for digital signage, media distribution, and location-based advertising in India.

Sparkplug Media's competitive advantage is built around 4 unique resources:

1. A first of its kind community-based digital signage network in India.

2. Helps customer to target more effectively to their TA and also send marketing message to a community of partners

3. We are using open source technology in order to establish a sustainable model by reducing cost of the Software License and lot of VAS is planned to keep up with the Industry.

4. User Generated Content on clients’ site which is jointly owned by Sparkplug Media, business model is based on a very cheap fixed fee for set-up plus an ongoing yearly management fee to maintain and update digital signage application, VAS will cost extra fee. The model has been well received by our prospect clients and will make it very difficult for competitors to subsequently try to lure clients away.

Sparkplug Media Solution

The Sparkplug Media solution lets one interface to create, manage, display, deliver and access digital content to digital signage.



Mobile App. Development

With growing need and demand of communication using mobile devices, ISVs and Enterprises are building mobile applications which are easy to use, intuitive, and cater to different platforms.

Sparkplug brings in the experience, capabilities, processes, and tools to develop the required mobile application which aligns with your business requirements. Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile Applications Development

Windows Mobile is Microsoft's compact operating system designed for use in Smartphone's and mobile handsets and we extend to offer exclusive Windows Mobile Application Development services for bespoke Windows Mobile apps.

We offer exclusive Windows Mobile Apps development services for developing creative Windows Mobile custom apps for our clients. Using the latest Windows Mobile SDK 6.0 & Using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 IDE (integrated development environment), our Windows Mobile Programmers develop the console and graphical user interface application. In addition to this, we also use MS .NET compact Framework 1.0 and MS .NET compact Framework 2.0 for the development of Windows Mobile applications. We offer vast arrays of such services to the clients. We deliver rich applications and software and our centre of attention lies on quality and value. We enhance users, our clients with new experiences and with fresh solutions for modern business problems.

Mobile friendly websites

To keep focus on relevant and important information, WAP-based websites are used which make it easier for mobile and smart phone users to access websites. At Sparkplug, we provide favorable conditions to businesses so that they offer exactly what customers demand. Through wireless devices like the mobile phones, smart phones, communicators etc., users can access information instantly.

We have vast experience and always provide satisfaction in its work of various WAP sites. The designs are simple, easy to use and quick to load. Sparkplug brings in utilities of your site in the tiny screen which can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. Access to websites on mobiles and smart phones has become much easier and faster due to WAP based websites.

J2ME Application Development

Java 2 Micro Edition is Sun’s version of Java pointing devices with limited hardware resources such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), printers and other consumer electronic & embedded devices. J2ME consists of a minimum set of class libraries required for particular type of device used and specification of Java virtual machine required for its support. It provides flexible user interfaces & robust security environment with built-in network protocols supporting networked and offline applications which can be downloaded easily for the applications running these devices. Applications that are based on Java ME are portable across many devices powering capabilities of each device.

Sparkplug explores the field of J2ME Mobile Application Development using additional APIs and MIDP embedded services. Various APIs include J2ME Web services, Messaging, Security services and Media services in the whole development process. Our team is constantly keeping up with the latest trends in technology and applications to deliver the clients with conversant solutions.

Android Application Development

Android is an open-source Linux based operating system having in-built JAVA libraries. It is the fastest growing mobile platform in the US and has brought a new-fangled wield in the mobile market. Android is an important platform to develop mobile applications provided in the Google Android SDK allowing developers to create code that can control mobile devices with comprehensive libraries for 2D and 3D graphics. Google Android has defined Android as a “software stack? for the mobile devices via an operating system, middleware and other key applications.

Sparkplug delivers Android Application Development in a proactive and well-featured manner by operating multimedia applications’ model. Our qualified Android Application Developers explore the boundaries of Android through its comprehensive set of development tools, themes and utility applications with consistency, quality with graded performance creating enhanced Android mobiles assuring a better & quicker application development. Our resources are quite sufficient to serve you the best technology for mobile phone with skilled customization & benchmarked processes. Google Android gives an extra flexibility to our developers through its open source development environment. We deliver the projects with high performance with practiced potential.

Moreover, at Sparkplug, every diminutive to big technique helps our professionals in high quality Android app development for various kinds of Android based mobile devices. The very common, but essential technical and non technical part is not ignored. For instance, the common components of an Android App development are Android Activity Lifecycle, Android Service Lifecycle and many more that collectively provide help in high quality Android Application development.

Adding little more in the technical section is emphasis on tools, techniques and practices for developing Android Apps that our Android developers/programmers use such as:

  • QUME based emulator, required API documentations, sample codes, tutorials, libraries, debugger, etc.
  • The series of Android APIs offered for Android Application development is Location–based service APIs, Android Media API’s, Wi–Fi APIs, etc.
  • Android security architecture and many more essentials like Accelerometer, Internationalization, SQLite Database, Java programming language (J2ME), and Trace/view Testing.

Varied Features possible:

  • Extensible Applications for all devices
  • Real-Time Tracking Features
  • Entertainment Application
  • Wi-Fi & GPS Connectivity
  • Audio-Video Player
  • Games Application
  • Business Tools Application
  • Travel Application
  • Map Configuration
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